Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back up to last week

Here we have a project I did for the Backstreet Quilt Shop in Elkton. This is all done by hand in wool.

It is a Mary Flanagan pattern.  I t was fun to do once I got the stars figured out.

On Thursday of last week I taught a class at the quilt shop.  We made the pattern by Atkinson Designs called "Pockets to Go".   It is a great project to make and very handy to have.  I have made at least 10.  I am loosing count.  Here is a picture of some I made.

What did I do next last week?
Yes, That's me with my first deer.  My husband wanted me to hunt so I told him I would hunt but I wanted to shoot a doe.  No trophy bucks for me, I want good meat to eat.  So, I hunted the early doe hunt this year and got this 85 pound doe.  It is all cut up and in the freezer or canned.

So, Now I can talk about this week.

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