Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting ready for a quilt retreat

I have been sewing this week in preparation for a quilt retreat I am going on this weekend.  You ask why I have to sew to get ready for it when I will be sewing at it.  I was blessed to get a scholarship to go to the retreat and while we are at the retreat there will be silent auction to raise money to pay for scholarships.  So I feel I should donate several things to the auction.  In a previous post I had pincushion tarts I made.  Two of those will go to the auction.  I also made two more boxes, one of each size, and a purse.

I also got three more Lilly bags made.  The green one is for my daughter, the one on the right is for the quilt shop and the left one is another for me.  I just love that pink fabric. 

Have fun sewing!

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